Welcome to Champers & Campers

So a bit about us! 
We are Champers & Campers (AKA Pete, Brydee and Molly the dog)  Back in 2019 we decided to break the 'norm' sell our home, belongings and live full time in our brand new motorhome Champers. We have always strived for a more relaxing, care free life so why not live while travelling around with your home! Since being full time we struggled to find information out about motorhome living or fulltime vanlife in the UK so we decided to do something completely out side of our comfort and set up an Instagram and Podcast! I know crazy right... Since starting up our Instagram we have had an overwhelming amount of support from other like minded people, the van life community is so welcoming and amazing, its such a pleasure to be a part of it. So now we travel full time in our motorhome!

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Our Podcast! 
When we started our journey we struggled to find information about going full time, were both really big fans of podcasts as you can pop them on in the back ground when going out for a walk, working or doing some cleaning. When we searched for 'full time motorhome living', it was all 'RV living in the states' so we decided to go out of our comfort zone and do our very own podcast! Since starting up we have
structured our podcast so that every Saturday at 9:00 am we have an interview with another motorhomer, van lifer or full time and every other Wednesday we do our very own Podcast on topics we get asked about and our experiences.

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All about the Instagram...
We stated our Instagram as a personal diary for ourselves, it wasn't until about a month in when we realised how amazing the van life community is, after about three months our following went through the roof, this humbled us but also made us a little nervous... We love sharing our journey with everyone and following at other van lifers are getting up to. Instagram is a great place to connect with people and get inspiration on where to travel and tips on how to make your van a home!

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Support us

How can you support? 

We have setup Patreon to keep our dream alive! Your support will help keep our podcast running and help us to share a positive message during these difficult times. Patrons will have exclusive access to us, hidden podcast episode, personal videos, a monthly video Q&A, and event the chance to influence where we travel to next.