A bit about us why we started this crazy adventure...

We were living an ordinary life with the nice house, car, and job. Pete ran his own business, working away most of the time, and I worked in retail. We loved our jobs, well most of the time, and we were pretty happy with the life we had made. But something was missing.


Nothing dramatic had to happen for us to give it all up. We loved the house we had renovated, and we loved the little Somerset town I had grown up in. We just yearned for something different, a sense of adventure, to experience different cultures, and feel like we were truly living our lives!



With Pete working across Europe we had to think of a way to adapt the business to our goal, and it had to be financially sustainable. Let’s do a van conversion! We started looking at VW T5’s and wow are they sexy but they come with a hefty price tag. On the plus side, Pete wouldn’t have to pay to stay in a hotel every night of the week, think of the money we would save.




It was not until we sat in the van that we realised just how small they are and where is the shower?! Next stop, our friendly local motorhome dealer; just to have a look. We could live in one of these!

More coming soon... So keep tuned!